About Us

Vertex Product, Introducing ourselves as one of the top companies that makes crane control gears. We have been putting down roots in this field for the past many years. We’ve promised to focus on quality, efficiency, and good service to customers.

Vertex Product is a group of Engineers who work together. We have designers and experts in project management who have a lot of knowledge in the material handling industry, especially with EOT cranes.

The company can take on full engineering responsibility for a project’s control gear, from the first market studies to the end of the project and its management, or it can just take on one part to help the client’s own engineering staff with special needs.

Vertex Product has built a strong name in the market as a provider of customer-specific products that pay close attention to quality. We support and service a demanding customer base in the EOT Cranes, Hoists, and other Mobile Machinery business by focusing on achieving world-class quality at reasonable prices.

Customers include companies that make EOT cranes, power plants, steel companies, shipyards, ports, railways, heavy industries, mines, companies that make paper and pulp, the cement industry, smelters, steel mills, and all engineering companies.

Our design team is both experienced and creative in how they work and the kinds of products they make. They are supported by a modern building for making and testing products. The company’s progress is based on a deep understanding of what drives the economy and what customers want, as well as the ability to turn that knowledge into products that customers want through cutting-edge research and development.